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Fundamentele Analyse FY 2017

Fundamentele Analyse FY 2016

CEO Erik Rietkerk said :


‘I am proud of what all my colleagues in Acomo have achieved in the year 2016. It is again evidence that, together with our other stakeholders, our people with their specialist knowledge are capable of creating value in our business. It shows that we are in market segments that enable us to grow our business and in the meantime generate healthy profits. The record year is a result of strong performances across our group of companies.

Catz International – which celebrated its 160th trading year – and King Nuts & Raaphorst had their best year in history. The Group achieved a net profit of € 34.4 million, a very strong performance. Our product segments Spices and Nuts, Edible Seeds and Food Ingredients performed extremely well, while Tea had a challenging year.’


Source : Press Release Financial Year 2016, Rotterdam, 16 February 2017