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Fundamentele Analyse : Q1 2018

Fundamentele Analyse : FY 2017

Fundamentele Analyse : Q1 2017

Chairman Alberto Bombassei stated: “I am satisfied with the results achieved by the Group in the first three months of the year, in spite of global economic growth that fell slightly short of expectations. Brembo has had a promising start to 2017, driven by contributions from across all of our main business lines. The quarterly figures examined and approved today by the Board of Directors allow us to look to the future with informed optimism and renewed determination. With reference to market performance, I would like to emphasise that in the first quarter of this year, as in the fourth quarter of 2016, we saw modest, yet promising signs of a recovery in the South American market, and particularly in the countries where Brembo operates, i.e. Argentina and Brazil. Although this growth has a marginal impact on results, and is thus to be viewed with the due caution, it nonetheless represents possible confirmation of the trend reversal in this area we had been waiting for in the past few years.”


Executive Deputy Chairman Matteo Tiraboschi stated: “The good results achieved in the first quarter have provided us with an ideal start to a year which will see us directing a large part of our efforts to bringing recent industrial investments to fruition. In fact, the most important challenge for the Group in 2017 will be to commission our new plants in Mexico, China and Europe. The building of these new production hubs in record times, as well as the fast-moving pace at which the installations and required preparatory works are proceeding, means that we can confirm all the targets set by us for the plants to enter into full production.”


Source : Brembo SpA, Results for the First Quarter of 2017, Stezzano, 11 May 2017

Fundamentele Analyse : FY 2016


Chairman Alberto Bombassei stated: “The Group reached a true turning point in its development in 2016, as may be seen not only from the excellent results approved today by the Board of Directors, but also the significant expansion of our industrial footprint. In a single year, we inaugurated or set into operation new production facilities in our major markets with total floor space of more than 160,000 square metres. Once these facilities are fully operational — which will happen very soon, given the high degree of efficiency of execution that Brembo has developed over the years — they will increase our foundry capacity by more than 300,000 tonnes a year. The five plants that have come on stream or are being built in the United States, Mexico, China, Italy and Poland satisfy the highest technological standards from the standpoint of construction, production processes, logistics and sustainability. Constant innovation of processes and products — including at existing production hubs in Italy and in other countries — fully reflects the emerging new opportunities offered by Industry 4.0, with regard to both the digitalisation of specific phases of production and cutting-edge training of current and new professionals.”


Executive Deputy Chairman Matteo Tiraboschi stated: “The more than satisfactory results achieved in 2016 are attributable transversally to all of our major businesses. All of our sectors of operation, from cars to motorbikes, from racing to aftermarket, have contributed to Brembo’s growth on both its reference markets and emerging markets, thanks to a well diversified, constantly evolving product portfolio. It is important to emphasise that our industrial expansion at the global level represents the continuation of the process of implementing a far-reaching strategy, centred on our geographical proximity to our customers to ensure effective, direct and dynamic collaboration. Among the main indicators of the Group’s financial solidity, I would like to draw attention to our ability to generate cash flow, even during a year in which we undertook significant investments, and to our considerable margins. The goals achieved by the Group from a financial standpoint, but also in terms of capitalisation, geographical footprint and operational size, mean that it is appropriate and logical to propose a voluntary withdrawal from the STAR segment, where the Company has grown successfully for many years, but that no longer represents Brembo’s true scope. Another related proposal concerns the stock split, which would make shares the easier to trade and more liquid on the exchange.”


Source : Brembo SpA FY 2016 Results, Stezzano, 3 March 2017

Outlook 2016


Chairman Alberto Bombassei stated: “We are particularly satisfied with our 2015 results. They were achieved thanks to the Company’s ability to operate on markets throughout the world, establishing itself as a global player. Growth was driven by the expansion of our product portfolio and our industrial footprint through the launch of a sound investment plan. These results were supported by both the Italian and European components of the business and those of other key geographical areas, such as the United States and China. I would like to recall that in a few days there will be the first casting at our new foundry in Homer, Michigan, while in the Beijing area, the acquisition-related activities announced at the end of 2015 will shortly begin.


The figures for the first few months of the year allow us to look to the future with prudent optimism, even in light of the emerging challenges and new opportunities that are currently marking the automotive industry. Brembo is able to effectively seize these opportunities, thanks not only to its timely completion of planned investments, but also its constant research and innovation commitment, which enables it to dynamically adapt to future industry developments.


Brembo’s advanced research activities, primarily focused on mechatronic systems for the plants of the future and the development of new materials, are laying the foundations for facing the coming decade, which will see intensive vehicle electrification, with significant integration of brake systems and a constant emphasis on lighter products.”


Source : Brembo SpA FY 2015 Results, Stezzano (Italy), 3 March 2016