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Fundamentele Analyse :Q1 2018

Fundamentele Analyse : FY 2017

Fundamentele Analyse : Q1 2017

"We actually surpassed our high expectations with the start into the year 2017", says Manfred Bender, CEO of Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG. "Compared with the same period last year, we significantly increased our sales and profitability, as our significantly higher EBIT margin of 15.6 percent goes to show. What stands out as particularly impressive is that all market segments and regions contributed to these strong results. The first quarter’s figures impressively demonstrate that Pfeiffer Vacuum is strategically, technologically and financially in a very good position to profit from the long-term growth potential in the vacuum industry as an independent enterprise. And with that, we offer attractive long-term prospects to our shareholders."


Source : Press Release Pfeiffer Vacuum May 2, 2017

Fundamentele Analyse : FY 2016

Manfred Bender, CEO of Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG, comments:


"The fiscal year 2016 was very successful for Pfeiffer Vacuum. We were able to yet again increase our sales and further improve our already good profitability. We did more business with more customers and benefited significantly from the strong, dynamic growth of the Semiconductor and Coating division. In addition, we have improved our structures and processes with the help of GAP. To enable shareholders to participate in this positive development, the Management Board and Supervisory Board will propose a dividend of EUR 3.60 per share at the Annual General Meeting in May."


Source : Press Release Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology, Asslar, 23 Maart 2017