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Fundamentele Analyse : Q1 2018

Fundamentele Analyse : FY 2017

Fundamentele Analyse : FY 2016

Urs Schaeppi, CEO Swisscom Ltd, commented,


"For 2017, Swisscom expects net revenue of around CHF 11.6 bil­lion, EBITDA of around CHF 4.2 bil­lion and capital expenditure of some CHF 2.4 bil­lion. For Swisscom (excluding Fastweb), a slight decline in revenue is expected due to high competition and price pressure. A slight increase in revenue is expected for Fastweb. EBITDA for Swisscom, excluding Fastweb, is expected to be around CHF 100 million lower year-on-year. The reduction in EBITDA is attributable to price pressure and declines in the number of fixed-line telephony connections. In addition, the costs for roaming are expected to increase. EBITDA will be positively affected by cost savings. Fastweb’s EBITDA is expected to be slightly higher. Capital expenditure in Switzerland and at Fastweb is expected to be on a par with the prior year. Subject to achieving its targets, Swisscom will propose payment of an unchanged, attractive dividend of CHF 22 per share for the 2017 financial year at the 2018 Annual General Meeting."


Source : Annual Report 2016, February 8, 2017